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The Culture Works - Leader Training Results

“By far this was one of the BEST education opportunities I have had the pleasure to attend during my tenure at the firm. I LOVED IT!"

“Thought the workshop was great.… it is invaluable to pull people out of their day to day activities and allow them time to focus on the message. Made several notes during the meeting of ways to keep the momentum going within our teams."

“I left the session truly aware of my responsibilities to help enforce the change in behaviors to support our strategies and their corresponding enablers. Extremely excited with the direction we are heading and looking for to driving Consumer strategies that will enhance the Customer Experience with Bank of America.”

First Niagara Bank



The Culture Works used Focus Group Assessments with the members of FNFG and HSBC team members and developed a custom Culture Training. This locked-in a deliberate and sustainable culture with a focus on “We Are First Niagara.” The culture training helped seamlessly merge two diverse financial institutions and also maintained the former company’s nimble feel.


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RAD-C Model

High employee turnover plagues many dealerships today, yet Daimler recognizes that top performers had turnover rates that were almost 20 percentage points lower than those of dealers in the bottom quartile. When they looked further they found that one of the solution is to use a formal, consistent end to end talent-management practice, from structured recruitment to final Certification. Likewise, Daimler will provide formal training to the pivotal talents within their dealership network and to use long-term incentives to retain top talent. These and many more questions can be answered when Daimler pays more attention to an integrated approach to advance their Talents’ skills and motivation (both internal and external) from Recruitment, Assessment, Development & Certification. We called it the RAD-C model.

“In volatile times, all of us require a reliable methodology to guide our training & certification. A tool that sheds immense value, Kenneth’s 4Q model has even become the cornerstone in some of the soft-skill training developed for our core groups such as sales and after-sales. Practical and engaging, his training has been very beneficial to our organization” Senior Manager, Daimler


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Alignment to Success

Siemens Industrial division in China was aware that to be successful in a complex market like China, you would need to a long term view. In addition, the core groups like marketing and sales had to work seamlessly to ensure that their resellers were successful. They got Blue and Gray China to make sure that every suspect captured by Siemens Marketing was qualified in terms of needs, budgets, decision-makers, timeframe before passing on to the resellers to close. On a long term perspective, Blue and Gray helped to convert their sales strategies to an academic strategy. That is to influence the minds of future engineers so that that continued success can be assured.

“Blue and Gray uniquely helped us ensure our continued long term success by aligning Sales, Channels & Academic strategies into one” VP, Mainstream Engineering